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How to Afford Travel

People often ask how we have the funds to travel all the time (which I wouldn’t recommend just asking people this willy-nilly since it’s somewhat rude and invasive, but we always answer honestly.) But if you are curious…

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Proposal in Paris

In honor of 100 days until our wedding, please enjoy.

Paris, France — We arrived in Paris about mid-afternoon. The city spread out before us with old buildings and architecture and beauty. We couldn’t check into our AirBnB quite yet, a cute little apartment in the heart of the city, so we decided to explore. Our bags were left with the cleaning lady, and we hopped on the metro, Paris’ subway system.

I was set on finding a famous bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, and once we found it, I happily scoured the shelves. I left clutching two books with a stamp of the Shakespeare and Company logo inside. If you are a book-lover, this place is a must-see!


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The Florida Panhandle

2016-03-19 12.33.21

The Florida Panhandle is by far my favorite part of Florida. For my third visit (I wasn’t kidding about this being my favorite!), me, my fiance, sister, her friend, and one puppy took a spur-of-the-moment trip to see my brother, who is stationed down there at Eglin Air Force Base.

Spring break 2016!

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Missing Ireland

When you travel to a place, you fall in love and leave a piece of yourself behind in hope that you can find it again later.

I must be missing Ireland today. I had a hankering for some soda bread. Four ingredients and forty minutes later, I had a delicious breakfast much like what I experienced in Ireland every morning: a piece of soda bread with some jam or honey.

For anyone interested, I used this recipe, and also this recipe to make buttermilk since I didn’t have it on hand. (And no one wants to go out when it’s in the negatives outside.)

2015-03-01 10.43.29

Irish Soda Bread

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Sea Princess Cave, a Cave Full of Wonders

Tham Phra Nang or the Princess Cave is found on East Railay Beach. From Krabi, any taxi boat such as the one below can take you there for a small fee with different scheduled pick-up times. The taxi boats are actually pretty genius. They have an exposed engine in the back with a long propeller that goes in the water. You can ask to be taken to West or East Railay Beach. West Railay is popular with lots of lovely, soft sand. To get to East Railay Beach from the West, find the little trail between the shops. It’s just a short, ten minute walk to the other side of the hourglass-shaped island. The Sea Princess Cave is on the outermost point of the island. Keep asking for directions. We took a very long, roundabout way to get there, but we found it.

So what is so intriguing about this cave that I walked all over the island to find it? Keep reading to find out.


Beach on Krabi Island with waiting taxi boats

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Tiger Cave Temple: Wat Tham Suea

Want to see a spectacular view from the top of a mountain next to a giant, gold Buddha? Then visit the Tiger Cave Temple. It is lovely from the top. I felt like I could see the ocean on all three sides of the peninsula. Fields stretched out before me, a familiar scene for this girl from the Iowa farmlands, but unlike Iowa, where fields are corn and soybeans, these were palm trees for harvesting coconuts and other plants that I didn’t even know. The patchwork quilt of vegetation farming offered a familiar sight, but with an exotic twist. The fields extended into the jungle and the ocean in the distance.

Behind me, the golden Buddha gleamed in the sun.


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