Lusterville and Lobsters

A Collection of Travels, Musings, and Literature.


How to Afford Travel

People often ask how we have the funds to travel all the time (which I wouldn’t recommend just asking people this willy-nilly since it’s somewhat rude and invasive, but we always answer honestly.) But if you are curious…

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Liebster Award

Hello all!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful The Black Lion. Thank you so much for the honor!

After the nomination, I did a little researching of my own to find that the Liebster Award is given from one blogger to another.


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Why Lusterville and Lobsters?

I figure before I am too deep into this blog, that I should explain the title. First, I have to explain that I love shiny and sparkly things. If something catches my eye, I stop to admire and covet it.

I stare with wide eyes at the glory.

Often people walking with me don’t realize I’ve become enchanted by this shiny or sparkly object. They continue on until they notice. I point the object out to them. They nod, and agree that it is quite sparkly or shiny. That happened and will happen countless times in my life.

Therefore, what could be more perfect than an entire town of shiny things? Lusterville is my El Dorado.

Lobsters, on the other hand, are my nickname for those who work. Lobsters have an unfortunate life if caught. They are lobsters just being lobsters until they are thrown in a pot. Then their claws tink against the side of the pot in rapid succession when the water climbs in heat. The poor lobsters are rumored to be heard screaming, although I’ve been told its pressure inside their shells. No one wants to be a lobsters. Ever hear of being chained to your desk? That’s not any different than being thrown in a pot with the water slowly growing hotter.

Lobsters get caught and thrown into pots. We all have to be lobsters. But the goal of lobstering is to not get caught. Tread carefully along the sea bottom when lobstering.

Return to Lusterville as soon as possible.

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Welcome to Lusterville and Lobsters

Welcome to my little page of my travels, thoughts, and love for literature. I think I’ll explain the 


title on a later date. My boyfriend and I are going to Thailand on Tuesday, and there’s much to do. I hope to come back with wonderful tales to tell you and photos to share.

A little about me:

I am a graduate student mastering in Creative Writing, which explains my love for literature. Yes, I would love to have a book published and then a movie deal. Can I be the next J.K. Rowling? If I try hard enough! If you couldn’t tell, I love traveling. It started when I went to Ireland in 2010 with a class through school. Ever since, I’ve been bit by the travel bug. Once you go abroad, it’s impossible to stop. Since then, I have been to Mexico, the Keys, the Bahamas, Chicago, San Antonio, and soon, Thailand. Plans are in the making to visit my brother in Germany soon.