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How to Afford Travel


People often ask how we have the funds to travel all the time (which I wouldn’t recommend just asking people this willy-nilly since it’s somewhat rude and invasive, but we always answer honestly.) But if you are curious…

Read on friend:

The secret: It’s pretty simple, actually. We just don’t spend money on certain things. We don’t have fancy cars. We don’t eat out all the time. We don’t buy Starbucks every morning. We aren’t buying new outfits every ten days. I squander each and every vacation day. I work every day, every week to save up for a two week trip.

12079328_485115581658369_5465321704938017597_nAdventure over things: People choose where to spend their money and vacation days. It’s all up to you. We chose adventures over things. What will you pick? Let’s see your comments below!



Author: Running Deer

Once the taste of travel was in my blood, I couldn't stop. It started with Ireland, the Bahamas, the Keys, Mexico, Thailand, and who knows where to next. Of course, traveling would be dreadful without my faithful companion, a book. Adulthood sounds all right, but I'm more excited about that eight letter word: vacation.

2 thoughts on “How to Afford Travel

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes and yes! I totally agree with all of these things! My husband and I live frugally everyday so we can have amazing adventures! We’re about to buy a one-way ticket to Thailand, actually! Cheers! Xx


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