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Let’s jump out of a perfectly good plane!

About three months or so into our dating, I told my now fiance, Marshall, that I was going to skydive. “You are welcome to come, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I told him. To impress me, he said yes. And it’s been one of our favorite memories.

We went with a group of my friends to a teeny-tiny town in Iowa that you’ve never heard of named Brooklyn and a company called Skydive Iowa.

There are many papers to sign and a slightly hefty price to potentially tossing your life out the door. (Because what if the parachute didn’t open?!) But don’t worry, we went through a safety instruction and did a tandem jump (meaning we were strapped up with a professional instructor).




Preparing the chutes. There’s a very specific way that you have to fold them, and you can actually make a lot of money by folding parachutes!






We are ready to jump! The plane didn’t actually have a door on it. It just had a flap that we rolled down while we were climbing, and it was very cold, windy, and loud. The wind and airplane motor didn’t leave much room for conversation, so we were mainly left in our own thoughts of what we were about to do and remember that the instructors warned us that when you are up in the air, “no, no, no” sounds a lot like “go, go, go!”



I didn’t get a video or photos of the way down, but it doesn’t matter. I will never forget the feeling of the wind rushing in my ears and the tears streaming from my eyes. I grinned the whole time we were falling.

The chute opened, and all became quiet. I could once again see the square patterns of farm beneath us. We floated down until we landed.



And that is the joy of skydiving. If you haven’t gone, do it. There’s nothing like that thrill. It will be something you will remember for the rest of your life.



Author: Running Deer

Once the taste of travel was in my blood, I couldn't stop. It started with Ireland, the Bahamas, the Keys, Mexico, Thailand, and who knows where to next. Of course, traveling would be dreadful without my faithful companion, a book. Adulthood sounds all right, but I'm more excited about that eight letter word: vacation.

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